Last Updated July 26, 2022


Hi, My name is Vasili, welcome to my site H-REF.com - URL Shortener Tool.

On my everyday job, I am a WordPress Developer, making Plugins and Themes for different business solutions. I am involved in the development of the company not only by making Plugins or Themes, I actively participate in the growth of the business, which means that I use various types of internet tools on a daily basis for about 7 years on my Software Engineering Career.

Some time ago I have decided to do Affiliate Marketing as a Side Hustle, in future I will move permanently to my own Online Business and step by step I will apply my knowledge to my Online Business to help other people to grow their own.

The site H-REF.com - URL Shortener Tool. is provided for FREE, with no hidden fees or any kind of charges. Premium features are available for FREE. URL Shortener Tool offers much more than simple Shorten URLs, it comes with awesome customization options.

I have decided to buy the script and to launch it for free, for anyone who would like to have a URL Tracking Tool, . After some researches I found this particular script is what I need, it has everything and much more, the UI is very User Friendly, constantly updated and with nice support.

Apart from URL Shortening, there are some advanced options like:

  1. Bio Pages
  2. QR Codes
  3. Statistics
  4. Campaigns
  5. Custom Splash Pages
  6. Tracking Pixels
  7. Custom Domains


Example screenshot from Admin Panel:



As I have mentioned above the services of this site are provided for FREE, which means that you will not be charged for using the site URL Shortener Tool, everyone is welcome to register and use URL Shortener Tool Site! But, please read Terms and Conditions prior to registration, also, please read carefully Privacy Policy before using the site, if you DO NOT AGREE with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy   than please do not use the site.

I'm making constantly site backup in case if something went wrong but, I am not responsible for ANY KIND of data lose, although you can contact me at support@h-ref.com or from the Contact Page for any help or assistance.

Also, from time to time I’m making some development works, and maybe some issues will occur from time to time, so don’t worry please, I am the only owner of the site and everything which is required for maintenance and development, I am doing by myself. If there will be some major changes or site will be down, I will add information about it.

As you may understand, maintaining the Hosting and website requires some kind of investment, that is why I am running ads on this site, if you do not like them, just install any kind of Ad Blocker and that's it, you will never see ads otherwise please read and accept Terms and Privacy Policy.

You can find me also on my LinkedIn Page Thank you for visiting H-REF.com - URL Shortener Tool Website, I hope you will enjoy it and will find something for you.